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Practice implications

The following are examples of practice implications for direct service workers. There are different implications for people with different roles, e.g. information and referral workers, program managers and Board and Committee members.

Here are some practice implications.

TICK the ones do you current do

Choice 1 Have a general understanding of the story of Indigenous history and the impacts of this on Indigenous people.
Choice 1 Understand the effects of the ‘Stolen Generation’ and how their experiences may impact on their living skills i.e. skills in cooking and other domestic duties.
Choice 1Understand the lack of trust in institutions can often mean that Indigenous people may not approach or use services that are available;
Choice 1Develop an understanding of the spiritual relationship that Indigenous peoples have to the land as a source of their identity.
Choice 1 Be aware many Indigenous people live under two legal systems, the British-based Australian legal system and a ‘Traditional’ lore system, which may impact on different aspects of their lives.
Choice 1 Take time to establish a relationship with Indigenous clients - it is important to establish a rapport before the service delivery can happen
Choice 1 When working with Indigenous families the focus may need to include the collective family not just the individual referred to services; be mindful of extended family dependents
Choice 2 Share personal information about yourself. e.g. Where you come from and other Indigenous communities you may have worked in.
Choice 3 Use language that is easily understood. Do not use jargon.
Choice 4Show respect to the elders in the community.





a) The essence of working with Indigenous Australians is:
           • Build trust
           • Build respect
           • Build understanding
           • Build relationships

b) Hear their collective stories:
           • Many lands, peoples, languages and cultures
           • The Dreaming and the Lore
           • Dispossession of land
           • Stolen generations
           • Loss of and regaining of culture
           • Loss of and regaining choice

c) The impact on Indigenous Australians of events since 1788 has often included, trauma, loss of identity, separation from family, barriers to gaining living skills and the lack of trust of institutions

d) If you don't know what's culturally respectful - ask the person you are working with

e) You should always know in advance the cultural background of the clients you see

f) Share personal information about yourself. e.g. Where you come from and other Indigenous communities you may have worked in

g) Make your service a welcoming, safe and respectful place for everyone